What distinguishes Dade-design.com?

With our unique concrete designs, we are playing in the big leagues. These designs begin with our innovative, high-quality concrete, continues with the shaping and casting techniques and these characteristics result in the finished concrete countertops. We produce countertops starting from a thickness of 2 cm and up to 5.2 meters in length and do it all with a millimeter guarantee.

What is Dade surface coating?

We use a three-component, water-based coating, which we developed ourselves. We stay away from nano-technology and products based on cobalt.

Will stains remain in the concrete kitchen countertops forever?

If you have chosen the Dade coating, your concrete countertop will be protected over the long term. We also offer the option of waxing the countertops with bees’ wax. This can allow the formation of stains, however the rule remains that concrete is a type of stone and it will change over time. This means that the stain will work itself out of the stone over time. The concrete will also take on a beautiful, natural patina over time.

Which lengths can you make?

We produce kitchen countertops starting from 5 cm up to a length of 5.2 meters. We recommend a maximum length of 3.5 meters.

Are there any limitations?

Actually no, there are not. We produce all shapes through handwork ourselves.

What about flush-mounted ceramic stoves and under-mounted sinks?

Using shaped construction, we will make custom casting forms and can produce decorative edging and flush-mounted ceramic stoves without any problems. If you want to mount sinks and ceramic stoves on top of the counters, we can do that, too.

Do you also work with colors?

Yes, we add color pigment to the concrete mixture. You can see the color patterns on page 14 of our concrete kitchen catalog.

What is the weight of the concrete?

The specific weight of our concrete is 2450 kg/m3. This means that our concrete is lighter than granite or marble for concrete kitchens. For larger or thicker concrete countertops, we will add Styrofoam underneath.