Surfaces and Dade Coating

Independent of the selected finish of our dade-roc high-performance concrete, each concrete surface is unique and cannot be recreated even with the most precise working methods. The surface structure and colour can be planned but the results always vary. It is precisely these special material characteristics that make each piece absolutely unique.
Even for one single item, no completely identical structure of colour, shades and pores can be achieved. Surfaces are rarely homogeneous, cavities and colour changes, varying pore formation and small perforations are natural characteristics of the product and certainly increase its individual value.
In addition to these natural and essential characteristics, concrete has two more: porosity and sensitivity to acid. The surface must therefore be treated accordingly:


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Schoenheit von BetonSchoenheit von Beton


Surface treatment

We offer a choice of two surface options for our unique concrete. Both are food-approved and free of cobalt and nanotech materials.


1) Waterproofing & impregnating:

The concrete pieces are waterproofed, ground and polished. They are then either impregnated (invisible) or waxed (slightly fatty surface).
How it works: The advantage of impregnation lies in its higher resistance to mechanical wear and tear (e. g. cuts) as the impregnation or wax penetrates into the concrete. However, this treatment method is not acid resistant but rather only dirt-repellent. Dark edges around the ceramic hob (e.g. from tomato sauce) are typical of impregnated concrete kitchens. Contact with acidic and discolouring liquids should therefore be avoided, in particular


• Fruit and vegetable juice, ketchup, mustard
• Oil, chemicals and aggressive detergents
• Wine and sparkling wine, vinegar
• Cleaners with citrus extracts etc.
• Soap dispensers and soap dishes placed on the concrete
• In the bathroom: perfume and herb shampoos etc.


2) dade coating

The PU coating developed by dade-design protects the surface with a fine protective film. The areas look silky smooth, matte and perfectly reveal the concrete character. How it works: The film that is formed is breathable and has excellent resistance to liquids and common cleaners. In Labor- und Praxistests hält die Beschichtung dem Eindringen von Flüssigkeiten und Säuren rund 12 Stunden stand. In lab and practical tests, the coating resists penetration by liquids and acids for around 12 hours. The disadvantage: the coating is not cut-resistant. Cuts to the coating must be avoided. Never cut items on the work surface and use a coaster for pans etc. If the coating is affected by mechanical effects, it may become loose. The coating can be renewed/repaired.



Cleaning the work surface

Please note the maintenance instructions provided.
Dade concrete cleaner is a cleaner based on tenside. Spray it evenly on the panel and, if necessary, spread using a cloth. After soaking for around 10-20 minutes, the cleaner can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Then use clear water to wipe thoroughly so that the cleaner does not dry in. If the dirt is not removed, repeat the process.


Coating care

Dade surface treatment refreshes the dirt and water-repellent coating. The area must be dry and perfectly clean. The surface temperature should be min. 8 and max. 30 degrees. Spray the wipe care evenly on the panel and, if necessary spread using a cloth. Then allow it to dry.


Schoenheit von Beton



















Instructions for maintenance can be found «here»


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On YouTube you will find an excellent example of how efficient the coating is. The test was undertaken for a mountain clinic that uses a fir-spruce-oil-foam bath. There are hardly any “worse” substances for concrete. The lower part of the panel is untreated.









Dade-Design customer:


We have just received the sample. What delighted me was you cannot see or feel the coating! Excellent!

Additional comment from Unit-Berlin (icons for corporate design & architecture)

We have now done a few tests with the Dade-Design coating and we are very pleased with the result. The concrete feel is retained, the surface is matte and the water is repelled very well.