Artwork in Concrete

Together with Noemi Kiss and Andreas Reichel, we re-produced old carpets in concrete.

Artwork in Concrete

Regardless of whether you are creating an entrance or a meeting room, concrete artwork and concrete design will ease the passage through its simplicity and the reuse of old carpets.


Unique Impressions in Concrete

Dade-design is the leading Swiss manufacturer of designs in concrete and a pioneer in the development of new high-end applications for concrete – concrete works

How are these concrete carpet pictures created?

The artist defines the basic concrete pattern according the requirements and design idea. Afterwards, the carpet pattern will be cut by the artist. The technology and techniques used for the concrete production will have to remain our little secret.

Are the concrete images mounted flush?

Yes. The carpet patterns are cast in a flush-mounted manner.

Which sizes are available?

In point of fact, there are hardly any limitations in the design. The basic concrete pattern may extend up to 4×2 meters.
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