Concrete samples & maintenance

Concrete samples with dade coating

Concrete samples (A4) incl. packaging material and shipping. Sealed with dade coating. Available in various colours:
– Concrete natural grey
– Anthracite
– Beige

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Concrete samples dade FRONT (A4)

Costs for samples are offset against the total of an order.
- Concrete grey (dade concrete colour)
- Concrete special grey (dark and cool with anthracite elements)
The price includes the packaging material and shipping costs. (CH and EU)
Sealed with dade coating.

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Dade concrete cleaner

Dade concrete cleaner is a cleaner based on tenside. You spray it evenly on the panel and, if necessary, spread using a cloth. After soaking for around 10-20 minutes, the cleaner can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Then use clear water to wipe thoroughly so that the cleaner does not dry in. If the filth is not removed, repeat the process.

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Dade surface treatment

Dade surface treatment refreshes the dirt and water-repellent coating. The area must be dry and perfectly clean. The surface temperature should be min. 8 and max. 30 degrees. Spray the wipe care evenly on the panel and, if necessary, spread with a cloth. Then allow it to dry.

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