Concrete Sinks and Washbasins

Dade-design will create your washbasin to measure. There are practically no limits on the design. Almost anything in the bathroom can be designed using concrete.

Concrete Sinks

Allow your bathroom designer or architect to draw your individualized bathroom. We will create it from concrete.


Unique Impressions in Concrete

Dade-design is the leading Swiss manufacturer of designs in concrete and a pioneer in the development of new high-end applications for concrete – concrete works

Why aren’t there more concrete washbasins?

Many architects are not yet aware of concrete or have had bad experiences with this material in the past. Water will erode conventional concrete over the years and stain it. Our high-performance concrete is 100% water resistant, without any pores. With the Dade coating, the concrete sinks will be protected over the long term, even against perfume.

What distinguishes concrete sinks from

We create them according to plans with a millimeter guarantee and with our exceptional Dade coating.
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