Concrete dade-roc

Our in-house developed high-performance concrete dade-roc lines up with the list of modern UHPC concretes. (Ultra high-performance – fibre glass reinforced – concrete)


For our dade-roc, we use 6/8mm gravel from the Altstätten area and sand from the Rhine delta. Together with high-performance cement, some chemical additives and fibre glass, a concrete with a perfect surface and material characteristics is created which exceeds traditional concrete by a factor of 3-4. (92Nm / cm2) (92Nm / cm2) Download planning aid & hard facts
Our production has been CO2 neutral since 2016. (More information)


The dade-roc basic mixture can be coloured by adding pigments. If no grain is added, the concrete can be used to produce very thin material thicknesses from 8 mm upwards. (See our dade FRONT). For terrazzo surfaces, we use different chips according to your specifications, e.g. Guber chips or Valser stone.



Concrete surfaces & maintenance

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dade Farbmuster Weiss Naturgrau Anthrazit Pink Terrazzo (Hausmischung)

White, natural grey, anthracite, pink, terrazzo (home-made blend)

Concrete is a natural material and subject to corresponding variations. Therefore, colours cannot be produced using an RAL table.
(More info on the characteristics of concrete).


We thus restrict our standard colours to



natural grey,



and terrazzo (home-made blend).


We are happy to provide samples for individual colour requests.











We cast our concrete in moulds – this is how we can work with various formworks and achieve interesting surfaces. The smooth version – in particular for concrete kitchens – is our standard. Other common frame types are:
– Board formwork
– OSB formwork
– Herringbone look


Wax & diamond – new surfaces

In addition to various framework materials, we can also set accents in the surface finish. In addition to the finish with dade coating or impregnation we also offer diamond terrazzo (see below) and wax look. For the latter, the surfaces are waterproofed, polished and then waxed.


dade ROC hydrophobiert poliert gewachst

Waterproofed, polished, waxed

dade ROC Diamant geschliffen

Diamond sanded














Terrazzo effect

In modern buildings, the trend is currently pointing at terrazzo surfaces. With this process, the cement surface is polished in 6-7 work processes to make the particles visible. As a result of the polishing process, the surface is closed/sealed at the same time and does not require any other surface treatment.


Terrazzo White mit Gubersplitt

Terrazzo White

Terrazzo Anthrazit mit Gubersplitt

Terrazzo anthracite with Guber chippings

Terrazzo mit Valser Stein

Terrazzo with Valser stone














About dade

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