Sailing into a concrete-summer a

Versoix is a small town on Lake Geneva (Switzerland), which is home to not only a lot of ambitious sailors, but also goes with the time.

So the mayor Monsieur Delhoume gave the designer Philippe Cramer ( the order to design new benches at the shoreline.

Cramer, Swiss-American with Atelier in Geneva designed seating which do not follow the mainstream. The creation blends perfectly into the surroundings, defining the characteristics of concrete to the best.

Oversized concrete bollards, normally where the ships are moored in the harbour, now decorate the roof of the Sailing Federation of Versoix at Lake Geneva (Switzerland).

Another example of a successful collaboration between designers and dade-design, where this idea was realised in concrete.

Metal signs indicating which winds roam Versoix were installed on the comfortable and wonderfully smooth seating surfaces of the benches.

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