The PU coating developed by dade design protects the surface with a fine protective film. The surfaces are velvety smooth, matt and let the concrete character come into its own. The resulting film is breathable and has excellent resistance to liquids and household cleaners. In laboratory and practical tests, the coating withstands the penetration of liquids and acids for around 12 hours. We recommend to regularly clean the concrete surfaces with the dade CARE Concrete Cleaner and to treat them at least once a month with the "dade surface treatment" in order to refresh the dirt and water-repellent layer. Independent of the chosen surface treatment, proper handling is essential for the longevity and beauty of the concrete.



Please read care instruction included in your dade delivery. The dade CARE concrete cleaner is a surfactant-based cleaner. Spray it evenly on the surface and distribute it with a cloth if necessary. After a reaction time of approx. 10-20 minutes, the cleaner can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Subsequently, wipe well with clean water to prevent the cleaner from drying. In case of higher contamination repeat the procedure.
The dade CARE surface treatment refreshes the dirt and water repellent coating. The surface must be dry and properly cleaned. The surface temperature should be at least 8 degrees and max. 30 degrees. Spray the care product evenly on the plate and distribute it with a cloth. Then let it dry.
A free of charge dade TREATMENT comes with your custom-made order.

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