Crushed pebble – TERRAZZO by dade design

The word Terrazzo has its origin in the Italian language and means flooring. Terrazzo was already used in ancient times for floors subject to heavy wear.

In Italy, Terrazzo is always a popular “footcharmer” – especially in the hot summer months, when the stone floor remains pleasantly cool. In Switzerland and other countries, this mixture of cement, lime and various additives is currently experiencing a revival.

In recent months, dade design has worked intensively with various types of gravel, grain mixtures and the manufacturing process and has realised exciting objects.

The gravel of different origin and grain size (dade uses for example white Jura Gran, black Guber chippings and green Valser stone) as well as individual cement colours offers an inexhaustible range of designs.

After casting, the surface is ground several times, so that on the one hand the gravel comes into its own, and on the other hand, results in an extremely compact, wonderfully exciting and, above all, resistant surface.

Terrazzo is not only suitable for flooring. Having a harder surface than concrete it is used for countertops in private and professional kitchens. A terrazzo washbasin with a large storage area becomes an eye-catcher in every bathroom, and last but not least, dade also produces 13mm thick terrazzo panels for furniture making.

If you want to bring a touch of Italy made with Swiss precision into your home or business premises our specialists look forward to your call.

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