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dade design walking tours in Zurich

Zurich Airport or the main train station are ideal starting points for the «dade Walking Tour Zurich». From there, interesting dade projects line up one after the other. More projects can be found in the trendy district 4.


1) airport chapel

We don’t only get close to the sky when we are on the plane. There is a chapel on the visitors’ platform at ZH Airport that offers people in a in the busy travel environment an island of peace and contemplation. dade design supplied concrete surfaces on which candles and prayer books find their place for this modern airport chapel. The surfaces are made from dade ROC concrete in the colour nature. Maybe one day they will serve as a stylish place to store wedding rings? You never know.

Address: Check-In 2 at Zurich Airport. (follow signs to the observation deck)

2) Lufthansa aviation training center

dade design Betonelemente Betondesign Lufthansa Aviation Training Center

A reception counter gives the first impression – visually and verbally. We are very pleased to have been given the opportunity to create the counter for the global company Lufthansa in our dade manufactory. The counter is made of white dade ROC concrete and has an integrated logo. The white concrete reflects one of the colours of the sky and the contrail, and the weight of the concrete emphasizes gravity and emphasizes the importance of the ground when flying.

Address: Cherstrasse 1, 8152 Opfikon Architecture: Stücheli Architekten AG

3) SRF canteen (public)

dade concrete elements concrete design SRF Fernsehstrasse Zurich

With the changed requirements for editorial and TV production, the SRF moved in 2019 into an extensive new building designed by the architects Penzel Valier. The publicly accessible canteen and 8 coffee points for 4 floors were produced from 200 solid concrete elements and assembled by the dade service team. The new TV studios, which have been equipped with dade design concrete surfaces have been in use since winter 2021. Worth seeing!

Address: Hagenholzstrasse, driveway to the left of the Mercedes garage, 8050 Zurich Architecture: Penzel Valier AG

4) G17 Penthouse

Not far from the television studio above the roofs of Oerlikon, the dade HOUSE was built turnkey within 16 weeks from an old roof truss.  Many completely new products were installed in the dade HOUSE, from the facade, concrete bathtubs, furniture and washbasins to the highlight, the kitchen island dade 1004 including hob and sliding bar top.  The apartments can only be visited by appointment with the residents. For those interested in building, it is also worth taking a look from the outside – the facade is made of concrete panels and even the elegant balcony railing is pure concrete.

Address: Gorwiden 17, 8057 Zurich (bus stop Berninaplatz) Architecture: Marija Urbaite & dade design Architects Other partners  

«dade walking tour 2» city tour from the central station

1) Japanese restaurant MARU in Zurich central station

The restaurant concept of the MARU – in English “The Circle” – was implemented by Mint Architecture Zurich in a puristic design language. The materials cherry wood, concrete and glass look stylish and authentic and contribuite to a calm look which puts the brightly colored, freshly prepared Japanese food and drinks in the foreground. Not round but oversized with a length of 10 meters, dade design produced a solid concrete table with a T-beam, as well as tables, stools, benches and a solo washbasin for the toilet of the restaurant. All in all, a very well-rounded affair and a highlight in the Zurich train station.

Address: HB Zürich, UG next to Migros and «Baur au Lac Wein». Architecture: Mint Architecture AG  

Continue along Bahnhofstrasse to:

2) Sorell Hotel St. Peter

This project is the proof that concrete has many facets. The various surface finishes – from bush-hammered to terrazzo – literally merge into one big whole on counters, bars and tables. The hotel lobby was designed by Andrin Schweizer. Cheers to concrete art in corporate architecture. Address: In Gassen 10, 8001 Zurich Architecture: Andrin Schweizer Company

Continue along Bahnhofstrasse:

3) Restaurant 1Komma7

The spacious restaurant with its well-known “Fireplace” for grilled gourmet dishes is located close to the 5-star hotel “Baur Au Lac”. The modern atmosphere in the room and on the terrace invites visitors to spend time with friends, family and colleagues during the day and in the evening. dade design was allowed to complement the ambience with the stylish, classic concrete washbasin made of anthracite concrete in the rest rooms.

Address: Claridenstrasse 14, 8002 Zurich Architecture: Atelier Zurich  

Along the lake to the world-famous:

4) Sternengrill at Bellevue

Since 1963, the Sternengrill has been at home in the most beautiful place in Zurich, on the historic Bellevue square. First as a seasonal barbecue snack bar and now as a restaurant. The formula for success of this Swiss icon consists of: St. Gallen bratwurst, potato salad, mustard, plenty of vegetarian options and more. Still in the early days of dade design, two washbasins with an inlaid star logo were planned by the team of architects from the Zurich studio. Architecture: Atelier Zurich

Continue with tram 6 onto the Zurichberg:

5) Sorell Hotel Zurichberg

Betonelemente Hotel

dade concrete was used here as a design highlight. The team of architects gave us the task of producing wall panels with a 3D look, which were also adapted as stylish column claddings. An oversized terrazzo table complements the concrete feeling and serves as a breakfast and bar table. The project is worth experiencing with your own eyes and hands.

Address: Orellistrasse 21, 8044 Zurich Architecture: IDA14

«dade walking tour 3» circle 3-4-5 tour along the Langstrasse and Badenerstrasse

Less posh and more trendy is the concrete in district 4:

1) Restaurant Ayverdis

Generally speaking, kebabs are expected to be a rather casual dish. In the Ayverdis, however, you can expect a noble dish made from the best Swiss ingredients in an outstanding room concept – a kebab gourmet treat! Guests and interior designers are amazed by the grandiose effect of the oversized concrete pictures made in our concrete witch’s kitchen, which take up an entire wall of the noble kebab shop in ZH. For us less witchcraft than expert know-how, but still effective. A visit doubly worthwhile.

Address: Badenerstrasse 514, 8003 Zurich Architecture: SLP Architektur AG

2) Lupo Bar

Right next to the world-famous PLAZA Club on Badenerstrasse, the “Lupo” bar will open on Christmas 2021. Lupo means wolf – we suspect that a characterful, impressive gastronomy concept awaits us. Of course, a concrete bar from dade design should not be missing.

Address: Maison Leo, Badenerstrasse 155, 8004 Zurich Architecture: Dost Architektur GmbH

3) Restaurant DAR

One could almost describe the vegetarian-vegan restaurant with adjoining bar as a terrazzo location, due to the composition of different terrazzo colours. It invites to linger and enjoy the delicious dishes – inspired by Morocco and Mexico – prepared by top chef Zizi Hattab (also head of Restaurant Kle) & crew. The adjoining bar offers uncomplicated enjoyment of creative drinks. dade design produced custom-made terrazzo in a rust-red tone to match the new colour concept.

Address: Gasometerstrasse 5, 8005 Zurich Architecture: Steger interior design

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