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Dade Outdoor Design: Concrete living design in the greenery

New: dade outdoor concrete design catalog
Concrete living design in the green: grill station dade DONAUWELLE by Benjamin Kromoser & Designkollektiv

One step closer to your outdoor living design. Use the dade Outdoor Concrete Design catalog as a source of inspiration and have concrete furniture and accessories implemented for your needs.

Dade Design offers a wide range of concrete designs that withstand the elements and are sustainably produced.

Would you like a printed copy? Simply enter your contact details & the desired delivery address in this form. We will send you the catalog in the coming weeks.

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dade design – concrete works

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Concrete fountain

Fountains made of concrete enjoy great popularity. For every style and specification – whether villa garden, terrace, garden or public forecourt – you will find a suitable fountain and water trough in angular or round design and various formats in our range. Especially in summer, our bathing fountains and cold pools are the shapely answer to cooling down. We manufacture fountain troughs in Swiss handwork from high-performance concrete. These are therefore particularly durable and robust against frost damage. The PREMIUM series stands out for its straight lines and sharp edges.

Standard Fountains, Bath Fountains & Custom Made Fountains

Our classics since 2012: length from 90 to 208 cm, width 55 cm, height 50 cm. Even with the standard models: the fountains are handmade and the concrete has the typical, unique look, which includes shrinkage and pores. Concrete is a natural product.

Due to high demand, the dade team developed the product of a bath fountain. Available as a standard product or individually in different shapes and sizes with light components, integrated benches, etc.. The possibilities of use are manifold and range from pure decoration to the purpose of a water catchment basin to a family bathing pool. Plan now the individual summer fun for young and old with your garden architect.

Outdoor kitchens & grill station

The times of home office and more time at home make sooner or later the desire for an outdoor kitchen or fireplace loud. Countless individual outdoor kitchens made of concrete, mostly combined with wood or metal with cooking area or grill and storage area, are a small matter for our concrete workers and carpenters to implement for you.

Outdoor tables

Dade Design concrete tables are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Outdoor furniture

The demand for concrete furniture is constantly increasing. Especially individual benches in timeless design language, oversized or especially filigree tables, custom made seating elements for companies and public places, leave our production and are now staged somewhere in the world.

Maybe you have even sat on a dade concrete outdoor furniture and did not even know it. We offer a range of standard items as well as regularly produce custom furniture. The only difference in our outdoor furniture is the finish.

Heated seating: 365 days warm

Radiant heaters were yesterday. The hotel and catering industry is extending the outdoor season: on LOUNGER, the heated concrete lounger, it is warm and comfortable to lie – whether on the hotel terrace, in the outdoor wellness area or in the garden – even in winter.

Heated benches are becoming increasingly popular. In bars and restaurants with outdoor catering in cities and ski resorts, the heated furniture allows guests to enjoy the outdoors even in the cold season.

Stayconcrete seating is available exclusively from dade design.

Plant containers, signs & sculptures

There are many concrete planters on the market – thanks to China already for a few francs. Dade Design specializes in producing individual containers with proportions, symmetries and colors to match the garden or patio design.

From construction art to a stele in front of a headquarters, from a simple company sign to a personalized bust or sculpture, Dade Design is your partner for the implementation of special concrete design. Production techniques range from 3D printing and graphic concrete to formwork inserts cut to the millimeter.

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Selected products from the dade concrete world

  • OSCAR Betontisch Tischfuss Tischgestellt Flachstahl | dade design

    Concrete table dade OSCAR

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