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dade House G17 Architecture Zurich Materialization in white cement

G17: dade project in white cement

Residential building G17 developed by Dade Development AG at the time of building application in summer 2020
275m2 extension of the residential building from 1950 as part of the dade project G17 with concrete facade. Photo credits: Jens Ellensohn
dade HOUSE interior design reduced to dade ROC white cement, wood, glass and matt black metal.
The kitchen work area is hidden with pocket door technology.
Interior design: A completely newly developed dade product range was installed, such as the dade JARON 90
Multifaceted concrete design: bathtubs and concrete wall panels made of dade ROC concrete.
Bathroom design with white cement: bathtubs and concrete wall panels made of dade ROC concrete

For once, we at dade design changed roles and developed an object ourselves. We set ourselves 3 challenges and learning tasks:

  1. Testing BIM
  2. Turnkey build in 16 weeks
  3. Consistent materialization in white cement. From the facade to the concrete bathtub

dade HOUSE – furnishing partner


dade HOUSE – implementation partner*

Bär (electronics), BUCHER (wooden windows), KOST (wooden construction), Sutterlüti (sanitary), Tecton (roof), Comaking-Space (interior design), 3Plan (HKLS BIMspecialist planning), Dade Development AG

1) BIM

3D planning has been standard for us for years. We wanted to find out how far BIM has come and where there are future points of contact for us.

2) Architecture / Realization in 16 weeks

The task was to generate the maximum number of living space on the given roof area of 25x11m. With the Zurich building regulations (1/3 façade length, roof edge 45 degrees from 1m sill wall) and the location of the stairs and sanitary facilities, there are not many architectural options for the overall layout. The challenge therefore lay in careful detailing work. In addition, we wanted to prove in the construction management that it is possible to realise such a turnkey project in 16 weeks. (More information with regards to the planning and building logistics).

3) Consistent materialisation

Material reduction to 4 materials: – White cement dade ROC – Wood (oak) – Glass & – Black matte metal

With this project, we finally wanted to create a uniform architecture reduced to 4 materials, from the facade (partner RIEDER) to the exposed concrete stairs to the concrete bathtub, which we can show interested clients in real life and not in a showroom atmosphere. You should experience the peace and power of this reduction – even we were surprised!

The core idea in the realization of two 3.5 room city apartments was the optimization of the south-north-facing living and working spaces. The bedrooms are kept relatively small, and the walls are designed as floor-to-ceiling storage spaces.

The reduction of the materials gives the object a calmness, contrasting with the hectic everyday life in the city. Only white cement was used to match the white glazed wood surfaces.


We struggled with building physics and insulation to create the highest possible room height. We ended up at 251cm which is not very much. Therefore, all interior fittings have the full room height and are butt mounted resp. baseless and mitred. The kitchens are also completely invisible thanks to the new pocket doors, which we were able to test for the first time for BLUM. All carpentry work comes from our co-making space.

New dade products

The lighting is the secret start and comes from our partners VIABBIZZUNO and RIBAG. In particular, the KIVO light with concrete screens and the concrete light Aplomb (in white cement, of course) are used.


Our concrete manufactory has been producing CO2-neutral for 6 years. The aim of the creation and the selection of suppliers and materials was to keep the grey energy / CO2 from the construction as small as possible. We will calculate and neutralize the rest of the CO2 emissions. We are convinced that with PARIS 2050 net zero in the not-too-distant future all buildings will/must be CO2 neutral. Read more about our efforts and research at Dade Development AG.

*Other executing companies

Aschwanden Ingenieure, Color Quelle (plasterer/painter), Egloff König (tinsmith), gE (building physics), GFT Fassaden Planung, GRIESSER (shading), K2 Montagen (facade), Lawil (scaffolding), NOVA clean (construction cleaning), Möhrle & Kuhn (demolition & master builders), Renggli (timber construction planning), RIEDER (facade panels), RWD Schlatter (fire protection doors), UNIKAT (parquet), WOLF Fenster (round wooden windows)

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dade design – concrete works

Photocredits: Jens Ellensohn

More impressions of the project

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