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«Pearl Terrazzo» – Concrete pearls by dade design

“White Pearl” Terrazzo: A concrete worktop made of light dade terrazzo. Photo credits: Andre Herger.
We call the terrazzo surface “White Pearl” and it actually has a soft, pearl-like shimmer. Photo credits: Andre Herger.
«Black Pearl» Terrazzo: Looking for a kitchen worktop that can withstand wear and tear with ease?
«Black Pearl» Terrazzo: The sanding gives the terrazzo surfaces a high density. Inquire now and start planning.

In some cultures, pearls are said to have special properties – in any case they adorn and have value. Concrete pearls from dade-design.com currently embellish two very special concrete kitchens.

We call them “Black Pearl” and “White Pearl” and they actually have a soft, pearl-like shimmer. Responsible for this are the selected aggregates in the concrete mass, which, after pouring and drying, come to the surface during grinding and give our terrazzo objects a unique appearance.

Terrazzo is a special type of concrete

The additives already mentioned can be special coloured pebbles, mother-of-pearl, even porcelain, which ultimately give the natural or coloured concrete mass its appearance. Next to the special pattern that is created by the choice of grain, it is possible to play with colour contrasts, such as black and white, grey and green or beige and white, leading to a large variety of terrazzo variants. Sanding the concrete renders the surface extremely compact and therefore particularly resistant – a kitchen worktop made of terrazzo can withstand the wear and tear of daily life.

Terrazzo worktops or terrazzo cladding for kitchen furniture

Terrazzo – which was popular as floor covering already in ancient times – can be used in many ways today. In addition to worktops, entire furniture pieces can be covered with terrazzo panels and give a kitchen a cool and unique appearance.

Combined with wood, as in the project with our dealer OREA, the worktop in white pearl is a perfect addition and a special eye-catcher in the kitchen.

Are you already thinking about possible colour combinations for your individual terrazzo? Our team will be happy to advise you and provide you with material samples.

USM table with concrete top

If you want to start with a smaller concrete slab, we recommend our product of the month – the unique table created by upcycling a USM object.

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