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Diverse concrete kitchen design: Sky-blue meets concrete grey

Betonküche Betonfronten Beton Holz asymmetrische Arbeitsplatte Residential – dade design
Perfectly designed aesthetic surfaces (photo credits: Roman Bargezi)
Betonküche Betonfronten Beton Holz geradlinges Design Residential – dade design
The open kitchen is an eye-catcher and a haven of tranquility (photo credits: Roman Bargezi)
Betonküche Betonfronten Beton Holz Residential – dade design
The asymmetrical worktop gives the kitchen a unique contour (photo credits: Roman Bargezi)

Kitchen design is diverse – there are probably recipes for kitchen design like sand by the sea. The architects of ILAI GmbH chose two base materials for this kitchen located in a private home: wood and concrete, which form a great contrast.

Sky-blue wooden fronts and dade ROC concrete fronts

The simple straight-lined aestetics of the furniture contrasts with an asymmetrical worktop. The sky-blue wooden fronts of the boxes – the carpentry team of Timberline and Gregory Clan did a great job here – are a capitvating counterpart to the different colors of the concrete fronts. The seamlessly cast concrete shelves make “una bella figura” from all angles.

Open concrete kitchen

The open kitchen is an eye-catcher and a haven of tranquillity at the same time – functional layouts of the workspaces and aesthetically perfect surfaces cover up thought-out storage spaces and technical gadgets.

A straight-lined concrete kitchen without frills (photo credits: Roman Bargezi)

Roman Barghezi photographed his kitchen perfectly – we wish lots of cooking pleasure!

Are in the mood for high-contrast cooking areas? Then our sales team and the concrete factory will be happy to assist you!

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