THE CONCRETE – functionality thought-out right down to the last detail

In creating the kitchen, designer Anna von Heyl showed a love for detail combined with a thought for optimal functionality. The combination of materials including concrete and teak creates a pleasant feel and is perfectly suited for the outdoors. An ideal spot for meeting up with guests and hold a conversation.



CookingOutdoorküche Ceranfeld
Cooking is a pleasure with the high-quality induction stove that is ideal for the outdoors as well as a grill with splashguard made by the Belgian specialist Induplus+. A gas-powered grilltop can be built in as an alternative option.





SinkOutdoorküche Spüle
The sink is flush-mounted, has a retractable faucet and can be covered, making room for the two cutting boards (important features, since you should never cut on the concrete surface itself). The sink can be hard plumbed into the cold water supply or in its simplest form connected via a garden hose. The boiler within the kitchen itself serves to provide hot water.




TrolleyOutdoorküche Trolley
As a mobile component, the trolley is always just where you need it. Made with pure teak (or optionally from Corian), it can be moved sideways out of the kitchen. Flipped open, it provides additional workspace. Cutlery, napkins and cooking utensils can be stored in a flat drawer, while cooking pans, pasta pots and stock pots or dishes fit into the taller drawer.




RefrigeratorOutdoorküche Kühlschrank
With a 90 litre storage capacity, the quality outdoor refrigerator is ideal for storing drinks to be served at just the right temperature. There is space for both champagne and perfectly chilled beers. A fold-out waste container is built in next to the refrigerator.




THE CONCRETE – Technical info


Dimensions: 950mm x 2000mm (pulled out 3000mm), height 950mm / weight: 700kg
Electricity/gas: the_concrete is self-sufficiently operated using gas or electricity (220V).
Required connections: cold water + electricity; all connections should be set up by a specialist.
Wastewater: drainage system (the_conrete is also available without the sink)
Ground surface: level ground (e.g. tiled floor). Can be adjusted +/-20mm suitable for the site conditions.
Assembly: Module is delivered assembled as a single unit. Requires a crane with 4 load-bearing belts that can be easily anchored with 4 braces. See separate set-up instructions.