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BIM bei dade design

BIM 3d planning – New dimensions at dade design

3D Concrete design

We live in the age of digitization. By now our digital world has developed from 2D to 3D – dade design is a pioneer not only in 3D concrete design, but also in project planning for new forms of collaboration.

A three-dimensional model for all trades

Construction projects require a lot of plans from various trades. In order to avoid problems that arise from errors and overlaps, we increasingly rely on BIM (Building Information Modeling) in our own projects. With this method, all trades access a single three-dimensional model made by the architects. Each trade works on their part and then sends their plans back where it is uploaded into the existing 3D model. Through this consolidation, process, conflicts, overlaps and incorrect planning become visible. They can be solved early thus saving time and costs. You can have a look at the current BIM project for our dade APARTMENTS in Zurich in the blog of the dade design owner Andy Keel (incl. Bimcollab login).


With regard to joint projects with you as a professional partner, dade design offers the following new planning features:

  • This means that you will be able use three-dimensional models of dade design products for your project.
  • We continue to push ahead with 3D planning within dade design. We have been planning all orders using 3D models since 2019. This has enormous advantages – for example in the visualization of mold making or machine control. You already know these visualizations from our production plans.
  • In the future, we will ask our clients about 3D models on which we can base our own production plans. In return, we will make our 3D planning available as .ifc and .3dm, also via platforms such as BIMcollab.

Whether you are planning a single-family home, commercial objects or a public facility – the team from dade design is up to date in terms of planning and mold making. For the implementation of the individual objects, we continue to trust the craftsmanship and knowledge of our employees in the concrete factory.

dade design – concrete works

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