Small series are the opposite of mass production – here it is about producing particularly difficult models or just a manageable number of products.
The variety of products ranges from architectural models, customer gifts, high-quality lighting components, furniture parts such as pedestals, etc. We produce for everyone, from design brands over very small series for designers and visual artists to concrete elements for the construction industry.
dade design has earned itself a reputation as a partner when it comes to prototyping and product development. Mold making in particular is always the linchpin for the successful production of high-quality designs. Our specialists develop projects up to series production. Small series are manufactured by dade in manufacturing work, mass production is outsourced.
Series of dade ROC high-performance concrete have some similarities to really good sitcoms: from the idea to the characters to the director, everything has to be right to be successful and to be celebrated by the audience.
If you are planning your own series, let us convince you of our quality. Our concrete crew will be happy to answer your questions before the sound of the clapperboard.


Luminaire manufacturers such as RIBAG or Artemide
Furniture manufacturers such as USM
Visual artists like Heinz Nitzsche
Customer gifts from commercial customers such as the EHL Lausanne
Construction industry such as IMPLENIA, PORR or MARTI

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