Andy Keel used to be a top banker at 2 of the major banks in Switzerland. In 2009 his son was born, and he became a househusband. Playing with his son brought back memories of his own childhood and the notion that Andy wanted to become a brick layer or foreman as a child. He used to spend entire afternoons at construction sites. At the same time, Andy was looking to buy a concrete bathtub for his own renovation project. However, there were no concrete bathtubs on the market and conventional concrete producers were reluctant to produce a custom-made tub. That’s how dade design started. Step by step – bit by bit. The know-how, technology, formwork process was developed by Ralph Siebenthal and Andy Keel in a lean start-up manner. The first concrete bathtub was produced in a small garage and was immediately included into the exhibiting at the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona. In the same year, Willy Bruckbauer ordered the first dade concrete kitchen for the first-generation BORA.

Plant manager Ralph Siebenthal and founder & owner Andy Keel on the dade BENCH

TV interview on ORF 2011 about the founding story of dade design (back then with more hair :-))


  • The “bathtub project” became a 23-member operation

    The “bathtub project” became a 23-member operation (around 11 full-time employees), who realise your concrete dreams on a production area of 800m2 in Switzerland (Alstätten SG near Lake Constance). dade design supplies around 100 architects and specialist dealers in 6 countries. dade design a leader in high end concrete design and mould making. Our team includes 5 architects. We have developed our own high-performance concrete, dade ROC, and apply innovative mould making processes such as 3D printing and CNC machining. We also make use of ZUND Plotters which are produced in the immediate vicinity of the dade design factory.

  • Franchising


    We are establishing our first franchising licences in 2020. More information

  • 3D Concrete Printing


    We have been in contact with manufacturers of 3D Concrete Printers from around the world to find a matching tech. supplier. We introduced our first printed product at il Salone in Mailand.

    Furthermore we opened a comaking space in 2019

  • dade MILANO in Milan


    In 2018 dade design took over the products of the concrete manufacturer Creabeton Matériaux AG. The dade washbasin collection was thereby extended by designs by Atelier OI. In 2018, the dade MILANO concrete kitchen was presented to the world public in Milan, production was extended by another 150 m2 in Altstätten and 3 new employees where hired.

  • Timberline – wood works


    Another production hall was added in 2017 and Timberline joined the dade group. We started to offer entire interior fittings and whole kitchens for indoor and outdoor – all from a single source.

  • Culture of trust


    Dade Design AG (Switzerland) and Dade Design Gmbh (Austria) are still owned by the original founder. We grow organically from our own resources, pay fair wages (distinctly above minimum wages) and live a culture of #trust. dade design stands for genuine and honest handcraft – in sharp contrast to today’s Ikea era where everything is mass-produced, standardized, computer-automated, manufactured and transported halfway around the world. We feed families, buy locally and produce CO2 neutral. The company Patagonia (sporting goods) is our role model- we donate part of our profits and pay dividends to our employees.

    Appreciation, joy and trust characterize our cooperation. We work according to the principle: Everyone sees everything (at work) and all employees have flexible working hours. Startups call this approach holocracy. We employ as many women as men, despite the hard and dusty work in the concrete plant. Many of our men at the production facilities are also part-timers.

  • Aiducation International


    dade design invests part of the profits in a scholarship for a student in Kenya – so that dreams come true and Philip succeeds in his future profession.

    «As I know the importance of education I will use my chance and I will help other children with their school fees.»


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