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It all started in 2009 at the legendary Altstätter Fasnacht with a handshake. Andy Keel wanted a concrete bathtub and Ralph Siebenthal had just taken over a small construction business from his father. That’s how dade design began.

Step by step – piece by piece – the two founders developed the know-how, concrete technology and mold construction in a small garage, just like in a startup, until the first tank was finished in 2011 and immediately made it to the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona.

Plant manager Ralph Siebenthal and founder & owner Andy Keel on the dade BENCH.


  • The ‘bathtub project’ became an industry pioneer

    On about 800m2 production and storage area your concrete dreams are realized on our small campus in Switzerland (Altstätten SG near Lake Constance). dade design supplies about countless (interior) architects and countless realization partners  within a radius of 300km around Lake Constance. (projects worldwide)

    Today, dade design is a leader in interior concrete design and mold making and employs its own architects in project management and product design. It has developed its own high-performance concrete dade-roc and has always had a special focus on CO2. Since 2016 we produce CO2 neutral.

  • CO2 neutral apartment house


    Nadine Moser takes over the management from Andy Keel.

    Presentation of the new system furniture dade HEXAGON at Giardina 2023.

    Under the OPEN.IMMO brand, dade Development AG is realizing what is probably the first CO2-neutral apartment building in Europe as a plus-energy house.

    Development of industrially applied Hempcrete / Hemp concrete under the new brand dade CANCRETE.

    Development of prefabricated concrete wet cells with heat recovery that are used directly (ready for occupancy) in the wooden shell.

    Development of vegetable carbon concrete together with Sigmund Sieber AG, Zindel (Klark) and Carstoncon. First project in Switzerland with about 1000m3 of used biochar-concrete. (Ready-mix concrete completely neutralized by the addition of carbon).

  • Sustainability & Project Development


    Foundation of Dade Development AG with the vision of CO2 neutral building and Co2 neutral concrete.

    Application of CCS technologies (Carbon Capturing Storage) in concrete technology.

    Launch of the new dade OUTDOOR collection

  • 10 years Dade Design


    On our anniversary, we are enjoying the best of health and economic vitality. After 10 years of development work, we are consolidating with a company size of 10 full-time positions divided into approx. 20 employees. Our product portfolio now includes over 200 products.

    With the dade HOUSE we have developed for the first time a project with a continuous materialization in white cement (from the concrete facade to the concrete bathtub…).

    In the field of planning, we launched the Dade Design Double Check.

  • Extension


    The Corona crisis hit us, as we had several big gastro projects in spring 2020, all of which were cancelled or postponed. Nevertheless, we celebrated the 1000th order in summer 2020 and presented ourselves with the art project Travel Heavy.

    Doubling of the storage space near the production site in Altstätten SG (Switzerland).

    Inauguration of dade CAMPUS (showroom →)

  • Co-making space & 3D Concrete print


    In Vorarlberg (Dornbirn, AT) we founded and put into operation what is probably the world’s first for woodworking companies.

    In this space, we now have a huge 5-axis portal milling machine for shared use.

    In addition, we have 2019 for the first time products with a 3D concrete printer produced these products / concrete elements presented at the Milan furniture fair.



    In 2018, dade design acquired the products of the concrete manufacturer Creabeton Matériaux AG. This added more design pieces from Atelier OI to the dade sink collection. In 2018, the dade MILANO concrete kitchen was presented to the world public at Il Salone in Milan, production was expanded by another 150 m2 hall in Altstätten and 3 new jobs were created.

  • Timberline – wood works


    In 2017, another production room was added in Altstätten and the dade Group acquired a stake in the Timberline joinery in Vorarlberg.

  • Trust culture and part-time men


    Dade Design AG (Switzerland) and Dade Design GmbH (Austria) are still owned by the founders. We grow organically from our own strength, pay fair wages well above the collective labor agreement and live a #trust culture. dade design stands for real and honest handwork – as a stark contrast to today’s “Ikea age” where everything is mass-produced, standardized and computer-automated, and transported halfway around the world. We feed families, buy locally and produce CO2 neutral.

    ZEBRA Company

    We are a black and white company – meaning profit oriented and socially and eco-socially committed. The company Patagonia (sporting goods) is our role model.

    Appreciation, joy and trust characterize our cooperation. We work according to the principle; Everyone sees everything (in the company) and all employees have flexible working time models (part-time). Startups refer to this form of work as holocracy. Many of our strong men in the plant are also part-time men, whereby we employ an equal number of women as men despite the hard and dusty work in the concrete plant.

  • Aiducation International


    dade design gives employees a share in the company’s success and donates part of the profits, e.g. to AIDUCATION scholarships.

    We have been supporting Philip in Kenya for years – so that his dreams for the future will come true and he will later be successful in his profession.

    «As I know the importance of education I will use my chance and I will help other children with their school fees.»


dade Design AG Schweiz (Produktion)
Bafflesstrasse 37b
CH-9450 Altstätten SG

dade Development AG
Bafflesstrasse 37b
CH-9450 Altstätten SG

dade Europe (Dade design GmbH)
Bobletten 34
A-6850 Dornbirn
Bobletten 34
A-6850 Dornbirn

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