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Our proven system of success


You know franchising from successful companies like Mc Donalds.

We offer a similar service. Our core market is central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). For the other regions in Europe, US & Australia we offer exclusive franchising contracts.


Our services:

  • Exclusive area license for marketing and production
  • Webshop orders from your region
  • CRM for customer care
  • Online marketing in your region
  • Help with local trade fair appearances
  • Providing molds for the standard products
  • Concrete training in our factory
  • Help with purchasing material
  • Support for large projects (drawing, mold making, construction management, financing, etc.)
  • Quality assurance


Your performences:

  • Customer care in your region
    –> You are your own entrepreneur!
  • Production
  • dade FRANCHISING fee


Who is dade FRANCHISING for?

  • Would you like to start an own workshop/factory?
  • You already have a factory, but are reaching the limits of what is possible or do not have enough orders
  • Are you running a precaster plant and you would you like to expand your line of business towards interior design?

Our owner Andy Keel will be happy to speak to you.

dade design Franchising

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dade Development AG
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dade Europe (Dade design GmbH)
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