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We always strive to make the ordering and delivery process of our products as comfortable and uncomplicated as possible. On this page you’ll find a summary of frequently asked questions and information about our services.

What distinguishes dade-design?

Our unique concrete pieces play in the Champions League of interior design. Starting with our innovative high-quality concrete, over handcrafted formworks and elaborate casting techniques, to the finish of the concrete surface. We produce from 2cm thickness and up to 5.2m length – precise on the last millimetre, guaranteed.

dade surface coating – What is it?

We use a specially developed 3-component water-based coating. We do not use any nanotechnology and cobalt-based coatings.

Are stains on a concrete kitchen permanent?

If you opt for the dade coating, your concrete worktop is effectively protected. Alternatively, we offer to treat the surface with beeswax. In this case, there will be some stain formation. Nevertheless, concrete is like a stone and it changes with time. That means that stains vanish over time. Over time, the concrete gets a beautiful natural patina.

Up to which dimensions do you produce?

Kitchen countertops with a thickness of 5cm are produced to 5.2 m in length. For thinner countertops and concrete slabs, we recommend a maximum length of 3.5 m.

Are there any limitations?

Not really – we produce all shapes.

What about flush-mounted ceramic hobs and undercounter sinks?

We produce individual formworks which allows us to produce visible edges or flush ceramic hobs. If you want to use undercounter sinks or flush mounted hobs, we’ll make sure to produce our concrete countertops accordingly.

Do we produce concrete in different colours?

Yes – we can add colour pigments to the concrete mix. In addition to natural grey, our standard colour palette also includes the colours anthracite, white and light grey. But we can also produce according to sampling.

What is the weight of the concrete?

The specific weight of our concrete is 2450kg / m3. This means that our concrete is lighter than granite or marble. Concrete kitchen worktops which are relatively thick can be made at a relatively low weight by using Styrofoam inserts.

How is my concrete sink delivered?

Our concrete washbasins are packed safely on a pallet with frame and lid and are delivered to the curb with our logistics partner within 14 days.

How is the concrete washbasin mounted?

It depends on the washbasin. The Cassa 40 and 60 washbasin series for example can be wall-mounted using screws. We also offer matching consoles for wall mounting. An appropriate substructure must be guaranteed.

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