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SWISS MADE – dade design produces in Eastern Switzerland and provides the entire value chain from product design, factory planning, mold making, concrete casting, various finishes and assembly. We are happy to briefly explain the production process below. Let us inspire you with our projects and products.

1.) Factory planning in 3D

Each workpiece gets a work plan

Digital planning in 3D allows us to decide in work preparation whether analog or digital production will be used.

On request, we provide you with the 3D planning as a BIM (.ifc) model for (re)import into your architectural plans.

Our manufacturing facility is completely digitalized. Employees have access to information and plans with army-secure tablets.

Completion Phase 1: The work plan release

2.) Mold making

CNC Technology
The percentage of women at Dade Design is 50%

Sandprinting is suitable for unique pieces (direct production from negative without mother piece, #concreteselfie)

7 x 3 x 1,5m styrofoam milling machine in our

Mold making is real craft. We build most molds from wood and by hand

Casting of concrete with steel, fibre or carbon reinforcement

Local aggregates from the Swiss Rhine Valley

In 2020 we celebrated 1000 orders

4.) Finishing


Option 1: Delivery with general cargo logistics

Option 2: Installation support

Option 3: Full installation

Special installations (for example by helicopter in Gstaad)

dade Service


All products are manufactured in our factory in the Rhine Valley. Genuine handwork is the quality feature of our premium furniture. Read more.


We always strive to make the planning, delivery and care of our products as pleasant and clear as possible for our clients. Click here for the Info Folder & Factsheets Download.


Special pieces in concrete. Our products are unique products that require special care. Our care instructions at a glance.


For us, concrete plays the first fiddle and if you fancy a special composition we are at your disposal.

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