SET 2: Supreme bathing fountain with bench, dade Konkreta and large technology unit

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SET consisting of: SUPREME bathing fountain with bench 250/125/100 & dade LAUF KONKRETA & large technical unit

A bathing fountain differs from pools from professional swimming pool builders in that it has a minimal amount of (fountain) technology installed. This cannot be controlled (only on/off), nor can the water be heated or purified (ozonator, etc.). It is filled with a garden hose.

– At least 30 cm gravel box (*for terraces, please clarify the statics with the structural engineer)
– Filling using a garden hose
– Normal power connection (230V)
– Drain (40mm hose, supply line to sewerage system/septic tank)
(If chlorine is used, connection to the sewage system is mandatory)
– Ensure that the pool is secured for small children (maximum permitted water depth according to SIA is 25cm or pool height 1m)
WINTER: We recommend taking the fountain out of operation for the winter.
If you still wish to operate the swimming fountain over the winter, the (UV) filter unit (large technology package) must be disconnected as it is not frost-resistant. The pump can be used down to -20 degrees according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
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We will be happy to organise the relocation of the bathing fountain for you by crane unloading. Additional costs will be charged separately.

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