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A kebab concrete please

Our cuisine is multi-cultural and we can now enjoy food from all over the world within our own cities.

If you want to attract attention, you have to come up with something special. The Ayverdi family from the Schlotterbeck area of Zurich did just that. Together with they came up with plans for a kebab temple for the modern, quality-conscious, urban public. Concrete was the chosen material to embrace that Urban feeling.

Dade design was a partner and produced the individually planned concrete design.

The eye-catcher is the 18m long concrete counter, which consists of 5 elements. Thanks to sophisticated concrete cosmetics it appears as a seamless whole.

The 24m2 large mural behind the counter is immediately noticeable when entering the facilities – it consists of dade PANELS with a custom-made, graphic surface. The panels were produced and installed by dade.

With dade PANELS made of concrete, dade has created a new generation of wall cladding for a variety of applications. The panels are made of dade ROC high-performance concrete and with a thickness of only 15mm, they are relatively lightweight. They are available in the colours natural gray, beige and anthracite. dade PANELS are suitable for applications in wet areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, as well as normal living spaces. All panels can also be purchased in custom sizes, special colours and graphic surfaces – the so-called graphic concrete.

Prototype: The resolution was subsequently improved Insight into the production of graphic concrete

200 guests can sit at tables. They combine concrete and wood perfectly and contain extras like USB Charger and cutlery holder – also a produced by dade.

The toilet facilities and waste stations were also made of concrete – sober, no frills and contemporary.

Visitors of in the Schlotterbeck area can enjoy both visual and culinary delights – a harmonious concept has been perfectly implemented.

Are you thinking outside the (kebab) box and planning something special? We look forward to your inquiry – with dade it will be concrete in any case!

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