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Before and after comparison of the bathroom: Concrete elements give the wet room a clear and modern ambience.
High-quality bathroom renovation creates space for a comfortable concrete shower bench.

Renovating the bathroom of a villa on lake Zurich

When a villa is almost a hundred years old, renovations and modernizations are due on a regular basis. A family home on Lake Zurich just went through a special kind of refreshment.

The task was to redesign two bathrooms and a guest toilet. The talented interior architects chose for concrete from dade design. After the original bathtubs were removed, large concrete floor slabs and concrete shower trays as well as a comfortable concrete shower bench by dade design were installed. In addition, an individually manufactured concrete washbasin is now part of each of the two modern wet rooms.

By the way, in southern Italy you can still find well-preserved ancient baths – even back then, clever builders relied on concrete as a building material.


It doesn’t have to be a thousand years before a bathroom gets renovated – if you desire a modern ambience for your wet rooms, our dade design team will be happy to assist you. We are eager to advise you, from the plan drawing to the selection of the concrete colour, individual special requests and various surface variants!

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Credits: Luca Zanier

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