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Kücheninsel dade Betonarbeitsplatte Credits Baumann Eggimann

«SWISS KITCHEN AWARD 2023» 2 times – for dade Concrete Kitchens

Architects: Bernhard von Erlach
Client: private
Specialist planner concrete: Dade Design AG
Usage: Old building top floor private
Location: Bern, Switzerland
Construction date: 2022
Photos: Baumann + Eggimann AG

dade Beton Küche swiss kitchen award 2023 Gewinner Credits BE Architektur
«Most beautiful kitchen» winner of the «Swiss Kitchen Award 2023» by BE Architektur and Schäfer Schreinerei AG. Find out more about this project.

The «Swiss Kitchen Award 2023» was presented on 16 November and we can feel honoured twice as specialist concrete planners.

The award for «best remodelling» goes to Baumann + Eggimann and Bernhard von Erlach Architektur. The «most beautiful kitchen» goes to BE Architektur GmbH and Schäfer Schreinerei AG.

An insight into the two winning projects.

Nouvelle Cuisine – Tradition meets modernity. Concrete in anthracite meets interiors with the courage to use colour.

The Kitchen island becomes a piece of furniture thanks to an innovative metal construction, while the rest almost disappears thanks to the handleless design and the grid that continues into the wall panelling. The architectural masterpiece also extends to the banister on the upper floor and the asymmetrical arrangement of the front at the front – a prime example of outstanding interior design.

The bold use of colour in this design is particularly noteworthy. The chosen colour palette brings a breath of fresh air to the kitchen design. The excellent choice of colours for the sofa also shows that professionals were at work here.

One particularly striking element is the use of concrete in anthracite from our manufactory, which, in harmonious combination with the floor, creates a successful symbiosis of traditional flair and contemporary style. This skilful integration creates a successful finish for the kitchen, which is not only functional but also aesthetically impressive.

Find out more about the well-deserved winners

Barn kitchen – the aesthetics of space: concrete and extra height characterise the unique character of the designer kitchen space.

High ceilings make rooms appear modern and spacious. This is also true of concrete, which also stands for variety and flexibility in interior design.

In the kitchen of the designer home, the design elements of concrete and extra height are ideally combined and give the room its individual character.

Concrete is used here in the smooth-finished dade kitchen worktop. Concrete plaster covers the walls and the floor is polished raw concrete. The extravagant, low-hanging light and the oak wood lend the kitchen a cosy feel. The result is an untamed, unfinished atmosphere with a very special expressiveness. The skilful combination of concrete look and recycled wood characterises the interior design in an impressive way.

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all participants for their creative contributions.

Find out more about the well-deserved winners.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry for your winning project-to-be 2024!

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