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dade Mint Beton Waschsäule dade O Betonbadewanne in Betonfarbe dade TERRA

Trendsetter color concrete: Must-haves of the season 23/24

dade concrete bathtub 0 concrete color TERRA
Concrete color dade TERRA: color additive emphasizes concrete texture, the natural concrete look is retained

Concrete bathtub dade O CUBED in trend color dade ICEBLUE

dade Wall Panel LINE colors rose terra iceblue
Trendy colors for your concrete design: dade ROSE, TERRA and ICEBLUE

Colored concrete is in vogue and gives rooms and outdoor surfaces a new look

We stain sinks, panels, bathtubs, countertops and more. Any custom coloring requires a sampling process. The combination of color and polish creates attractive new looks in concrete design.

With the addition of pigments directly in the concrete mixing process, we achieve a uniformly colored dade ROC concrete that retains its authentic characteristics such as texture, shading and naturalness including color addition. Depending on the color additive, the concrete character is even emphasized without appearing artificial, ceramic or resinous.

Bright colors cannot be achieved when coloring the concrete, yet bold tones such as DARKBLUE, which was recently used elegantly in an architectural project, are possible.

Bathroom and interior design with colored dade ROC concrete

Trendy pastel colors for concrete design are coming and staying for season 23/24, so our dade color palette is complemented by dade ICEBLUE and dade TERRA. dade ROSE remains and has its justification especially in bathroom and interior design, where it is combined with gray and black.

The authenticity of our colored concrete has long been known and with the knowledge of the quality of our dade ROC concrete, it is the first choice for outdoor implementations as well as in space planning. Colored concrete has long been an integral part of architecture.

We look forward to your colorful project!

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dade design – concrete works

Selected products from the dade concrete world

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Hollywood on the Rocks

Betonplanung und dade ROC Beton für das Chalet «Grusaida» Konzept von Think Architecture. Ob Beton Waschbecken oder Arbeitsplatten – alles wirkt harmonisch miteinander.
Das Highlight ist ein eigens entwickeltes und produziertes Beton Wandpaneel, das mit Licht und Schatten spielt.

Dade Outdoor Design: Concrete living design in the greenery

Discover now in the new dade Outdoor catalog: custom made concrete or bathing fountains, your concrete dream kitchen incl. barbecue station, individual concrete benches and tables in timelessly beautiful design language, heated concrete furniture or sculptures & signs for private and public places. Information about our new products is guaranteed, as well as enjoyment of the dade outdoor classics.

Dade Design at Zurich Main Station

Swiss concrete design from the dade manufactory in the Rhine Valley meets culinary delicacies from Tokyo at Zurich’s main station. Dade Design manufactured numerous pieces of furniture from velvety-smooth dade ROC concrete for the Japanese restaurant MARU. The corporate architecture concept was created by Mint Architecture.

Biennale Architectura 2016 – Marte.Marte concrete cubes from Dade Design

Concrete cubes for the Venice Biennale by Dade Design. The architects marte.marte were invited to visually present the successes of their projects in the main exhibition at the Venice Arsenale. Under the title “In the search of the unexpected”, 5 concrete cubes were planned for this purpose, each containing a concise detail of realised projects.
Dade Design produced the concrete cubes using state-of-the-art technology.

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