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Veredeln Betonoberflaeche Handwerkskunst | dade design

Substance finishing for exposed concrete

dade exposed concrete finishing artist Frank von Wartensee
The impact technique of coultering, in which each stroke is individually guided, creates lively, playful, yet homogeneous surfaces.
Finish concrete surface craftsmanship | dade design
Craft techniques such as scraping, stocking, lace and finishing turn concrete wall surfaces into individual works of art.
Concrete sharpened sun | dade design
Concrete surface «sharpened sun». The sun wheel can be used to accentuate surfaces radially as an eye-catcher. Exposed wall areas thus become the focal point.

In collaboration with a Swiss artist, Dade Design offers exclusive wall designs to enhance the original building fabric. This combines the centuries-old craftsmanship of stonemasons & sculptors with the modern construction methods of modern times.

Concrete surfaces scuffing, faltering or peaking

Through a combination of processing techniques such as scraping, stocking and pointing, which date back to the Middle Ages, the upper concrete skin is removed in the millimeter range. Pebbles become irregularly visible and further enliven the surface. Some treatments are like a Renaissance fresco. It should be created on the concrete that is dimensionally stable but not yet bonded through. However, the finishing can also be applied on old exposed concrete.

Refine your building fabric with exclusive surfaces

The demand for the representative design of concrete surfaces is constantly growing. This handicraft technique turns wall surfaces into individual works of art. individual works of art. A wide variety of impact patterns can be implemented here.

For Dade Design, the independent sculptor Frank Ullmann has realized several objects. For almost 30 years now, the artist has been working as a stone sculptor, among other things.

Let yourself be inspired. In the factory & showroom of Dade Design in 9450 Altstätten you can see some works. You can find more art objects from Dade Design here.

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dade design – concrete works

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Hollywood on the Rocks

Betonplanung und dade ROC Beton für das Chalet «Grusaida» Konzept von Think Architecture. Ob Beton Waschbecken oder Arbeitsplatten – alles wirkt harmonisch miteinander.
Das Highlight ist ein eigens entwickeltes und produziertes Beton Wandpaneel, das mit Licht und Schatten spielt.

Dade Outdoor Design: Concrete living design in the greenery

Discover now in the new dade Outdoor catalog: custom made concrete or bathing fountains, your concrete dream kitchen incl. barbecue station, individual concrete benches and tables in timelessly beautiful design language, heated concrete furniture or sculptures & signs for private and public places. Information about our new products is guaranteed, as well as enjoyment of the dade outdoor classics.

Dade Design at Zurich Main Station

Swiss concrete design from the dade manufactory in the Rhine Valley meets culinary delicacies from Tokyo at Zurich’s main station. Dade Design manufactured numerous pieces of furniture from velvety-smooth dade ROC concrete for the Japanese restaurant MARU. The corporate architecture concept was created by Mint Architecture.

Biennale Architectura 2016 – Marte.Marte concrete cubes from Dade Design

Concrete cubes for the Venice Biennale by Dade Design. The architects marte.marte were invited to visually present the successes of their projects in the main exhibition at the Venice Arsenale. Under the title “In the search of the unexpected”, 5 concrete cubes were planned for this purpose, each containing a concise detail of realised projects.
Dade Design produced the concrete cubes using state-of-the-art technology.

Selected products from the dade concrete world

  • OSCAR Betontisch Tischfuss Tischgestellt Flachstahl | dade design

    Concrete table dade OSCAR

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